Next door bondage model

I love everything about bondage, to me there is no better feeling of the ropes (and a beautiful gag). 

I spend my days shooting, mostly bondage but also different fetish, in organising my custom videos, in thinking of new contents for my pages, I enjoy spending time at the gym, I love reading too! 


My life as Italian Bondage Model

I've been lucky enough to be introduced to an Italian Bondage Producer in June 2019, and my life changed from that day! 

For more than one year I was sharing my life from a "vanilla job", working from Monday to Friday and my "kinky job" was my escape to my happy place! I would spend the weekends shooting with different producers, it has been crazy period of my life! 

In September 2020 I decided to follow my dream and to be a bondage/fetish full time model. It has been the best decision of my life... 

My dream of being an International Bondage Model

In December 2020 I got contacted by an American producer who asked me to shoot some clips for him, so I made my first appearance in an American Bondage Studio! 

I've been to Barcelona to work with a big Spanish producer, and in December 2020 I went to UK for my first proper UK bondage tour...